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How far ahead do I have to book a vacation?

We recommend you reserve your houseboat rental 6 months in advance, but, since we have two boats, we can usually accommodate most requests, especially in June. 

What other costs are involved with houseboating vacations?

The costs are minimal. You pay for the gas during your trip. Your gas will cost 10 litres of gas per navigation hour.  After 4 hours of cruising, you will want to stop and take advantage of the lake or an island.  Usually our client spend for gas is between 200$-300$ per week.

When do I have to pay for my houseboat holiday?

We require a $300 reservation deposit on booking. Your full rental costs will be due in cash upon arrival for your stay. Please note that you will be responsable for any damage, please contact your insurance for possible coverage. 

When does my vacation start?

The boarding time is between 6pm and 9 pm on your reservation date. You will spend the first night at the dock and the next morning you will receive the global training (1.5 hours). 

How to plan for meals ? 

You will not find any grocery store on Kipawa Lake. We suggest that you plan your meals a few days in advance. In Temiscaming you will find a IGA for your grocery.  

Do we need experience to drive a houseboat?

Effective September 15th, 2009, the law requires a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate a boat.  Although this card is not required actually for people renting and for non-canadians, we recommend that you get the card for your safety and knowledge. 

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card exam is available online at:

How old do you have to be to rent a houseboat?

The captain of the vessel must be 21 years of age or older.

How long will it take us to drive to Témiscaming?

From Toronto : 4.5 hours (420 km)

From Ottawa: 4 hours (405 km) 

From Montreal:  6 hours (580 km)

* From Temiscaming, the boating docks are located at the 31 km mark on the Maniwaki road, 30 minutes from Témiscaming.

What is Lake Kipawa like?

Kipawa Lake is a combination of many small lakes.  For ease of navigation, each boat is equipped with a GPS (programmed paths included).  You will love this lake which allows you to be secluded in certain locations.  It is warm enough for swimming during the summer and fishing is very good in May, June and September. 

Do you allow pets on board your houseboats?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets on our boats for hygiene and allergy reasons.

What should I bring from home?

Plan your trip like a camping trip.  Bring your bedding, pillows, towels, etc. We do suggest you remember games, sun screen, hats, sunglasses and water toys.  Don’t forget life jackets for children weighing less than 100 pounds. Don’t forget your fishing license !

How fast do the houseboat go and where do I sleep at night?

Your houseboat will travel up to 6 miles an hour.  Before dusk, you must find a place to "beach" your houseboat. The GPS contains suggested overnight locations; plan your day accordingly.

Does the lake get rough?

The lake is surrounded by forests; the lake will therefore unlikely get rough.  However, certain parts are more subject than others to brisk winds.  During the training session, we will let you know where to find refuge in the event of a storm.

How many people can jion us during our trip?

You are not allowed more people than what is indicated on the contract.

What do we do in the case of a medical emergency?

Your boat is equipped with a VHF Radio to allow you to call for help.  Furthermore, cellular telephones linked to the Bell network are functional on most parts of the lake. 

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